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Are these really gluten free?

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Most certainly this tray of cookies is free of all gluten. Assorted biscotti and shortbread make a simple decorative tray. Starting with easy to make base recipes, you can create quite a selection. Shortbread cookie dough can be transformed into linzor cookies, dessert bars, holiday cookie shapes and even just a simple shortbread to serve with afternoon tea.

Biscotti is a wonderful cookie to serve with a nice cup of espresso. Popular flavors are lemon, almond, white chocolate cranberry and my favorite, chocolate chip raisin with a hint of orange zest. Spend an afternoon making biscotti dough and assorted flavors. Roll into logs and freeze until ready to bake. I make several kinds and by the holidays, I just reach in the freezer and bake an incredible assortment. Biscotti ships well so if you know someone who is gluten free, surprise them with a homemade gift of cookies. Grandma Cookie will be proud.


Author: Traci Anello

Hello and thankyou for visiting my food page. I am a private plantbased certified chef that just happens to be in the process of finishing my first book. I've been in this industry for over 30 years. I'm here to show you how important the healing powers of food can be. From creating the idea to choosing the ingredients and finally the preparation both physically and mentally as well as spiritually.From start to finish, what you put into food is what others will receive. Food, the power of love and healing.

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