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The most amazing Italian breakfast sandwich ever!

I want to share with you the most amazing breakfast sandwich ever. I created this little masterpiece at my bakery in Wells, Maine which was then known as “Anello’s Pastries”.
This sandwich consisted of a well toasted Asiago bagel with a thin layer of Cabot butter, a farm fresh egg, warmed hot capicola and imported provolone cheese. People would line out the door for one of these which usually turned into two. The crispy toasted bagel with a soft chewy middle, the spicy flavor of the capicola and the sharp taste of imported provolone cheese was the best start to the day.

Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life too.

There is a very good gluten free version of this sandwich: Bake off GF rolls ahead of time but add Asiago cheese to them before they go in the oven. Freeze the batch. When you’re ready, pull one from the freezer and toast. use a farm fresh egg, a sice of GF capicola and Gf provolone cheese. Deitz and Watson has Gf meats and cheeses as well as Citterio which is my favorite. Lightly butter the roll, add warmed capicola and the provolone will melt on it’s on. You should probably make two. I’m just warning you because the one who doesn’t want to dare try the Gf version will ask for a “small” bite because the aroma is amazing. Then they’ll ask for another bite. Just give them the sandwich and keep the second one for yourself.

Breakfast is the start to the day. With a sandwich like this, you not only treat yourself to some Italian love, you treat the whole family.